Why Do You Need A Wedding Website?

The Importance of Wedding Website

Technology is always advancing and has become a large part of society. Wedding website over the years have grown and evolved to something that is almost necessary and inevitable. They are great tools to provide for your guests for information and to provide you organization and easy access to your wedding information. It helps you stay connected and makes your wedding a great and accessible event

Wedding Website | Created By The Marigold Company
Wedding Website Created By The Marigold Company

What is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is a tool for couples to provide guests with updates and information about your upcoming wedding. The website displays dates, times, directions, registries, RSVPs, photos, and some couples even put their love story for all to see. It can display whatever you want and in as much detail as you want. A wedding website is not only a tool for your guests to utilize but for yourselves as well. It keeps information all in one place and in an organized way so that you don’t have to worry.

We're Getting Married Template Wedding Website
We’re Getting Married Template Wedding Website

Where Do I Start?

The good news is, wedding website platforms come in different shapes, sizes, and price. For the couples on a budget, there are free wedding websites option that are easy to use. These may have limited features but can get your point across and may be customizable. Websites like Wedding Wire and Zankyou provide free templates and have a very easy to use system. For those who want a little help and an impressive wedding website to wow their guests, they can go to specialty sites, like our very own at The Marigold Company. From there you can choose color schemes, designs, and displays to help express your wedding’s theme and vibe.

Why Should I Make a Website?

There are tons of features within each wedding website platforms. These features are there to make your life and your guests’ lives easier. First, it can help tell your story. Your love story or your “about us” section of the wedding website may seem unnecessary or something people may not read but this part introduces some of your guests to your partner and vice versa. It helps with getting to know the couple and knowing the love your going to go celebrate.

Wedding Details
Wedding Details
Important Details About Your Wedding Day on Your Wedding Website
Important Details About Your Wedding Day on Your Wedding Website

Making wedding websites is like answering everyone’s questions ahead of time so that on your wedding day they don’t need anything answered. You don’t want anyone texting you for directions or any other information. This is where the website comes in handy! Here, you can give anyone detail about the dates, times, directions, and even hotel details. This wedding website is all information for your guests and so that on the day of the wedding they have an easy experience beforehand. They can also find links to registries and other places that you might want them to visit when they’re in town. Not only is it for your guests but for you as well. Wedding websites are great tools to keep you organized. You can have guests RSVP through websites and some websites may even send you notifications to keep you updated.

Registry on Wedding Website
Registry on Wedding Website

Every couple should take the time and opportunity to make a website to express their creativity and to help their guests find their way. It will help not only you stay organized but keep your guests updated.

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