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The Importance of Timelines

When multiple vendors from different places come together to make your wedding special, you want everyone to be on the same page and stay structured so that the day-of runs as smooth as possible. Timelines are a must when it comes to your wedding day.

Importance of Timelines
Day-Of Timeline

Stay Organized

Timelines can be tedious to organize but they are essential to keeping everything moving during your wedding. Organization is the main purpose for timelines. It keeps all the vendors connected without always having to constantly call or communicate directly to each other. Every vendor involved during the day should receive a timeline, especially when they are involved all day like the coordinator, the venue, the DJ, and photographer. We recommend always having a physical copy and a digital copy just in case. As for the bride and groom, they should know when and where to be but it isn’t necessary to always have them know what’s going on behind the scenes. The vendors working with them during the day will keep them updates and up to speed on what times are important for them to note.

Importance of Timelines
Teamwork is Key

Details, Details, Details

The wedding planner and the couple should be the ones who are essentially creating the timeline while incorporating all the times agreed upon by each vendor. Timelines shouldn’t be vague and should be as specific as you can make it. They discuss times for when vendors arrive, when setup occurs, when things should be moved and when people should arrive. The more details the better. You can be as specific as creating a time to play a specific song. Whichever way you imagine your big day is the way the timeline should reflect. With a timeline, no one should be confused and no one should ever be lost. With more details, there will be less questions and more accomplishing everything on time.

Importance of Timelines
Details, Details, and More Details

Most Importantly, Execution

Although a timeline can be perfect, execution is where success begins. When everyone is at the right place at the right time, then magic happens. But in reality not everything may go as planned, even though the timeline was worked so hard on. People can be late, traffic happens, and there can bumps along the road. This will happen and it’s okay.

Timelines are guidelines. Not everything will take the amount of time you allotted for and some things may take longer. It’s about adapting to situations that will make your day a success. Don’t be afraid when you’re off the timeline for a brief moment. Yes, you may have to sacrifice some time in exchange for a another to catch up but everything all ends up working out in the end. The timeline is there to help vendors and couples make sure that everything that they dream of can become a part of their big day.

Honestly, it can be a very difficult and daunting task to create a timeline all by yourself. There are templates online that can help, your wedding planner there to guide you, and vendors all willing to cooperate, regardless of the small bumps in the road that may come along. Adaptability is key and the timeline is only there to guide everyone to help make sure your wedding day is everything you are planning on it being.

Importance of Timelines
Importance of a Wedding Planner on Wedding Day

“Timing is everything”

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